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KOCKA Tailgating
(est 2014-present)

(Krewe of Crown, Krewe'd Awakening,

Port of Party Krewe)

KOCKA Tailgating was formed in 2014.  Under

the leadership of James Roy, the KOCKA Director

of Tailgating Affairs.  The group formed after

Matt Bryant (of Krewe'd Awakening) decided to 

step down as the leader of that group.  James who

was the leader of the KOC had decided to move

the Krewe from northside of campus back to the southside of campus. During a multi-tailgate party known as the BAT Party Matt and James talked about this.  It was decided at that time that Matt was not 100% sure he was going to step down and the groups decided to tailgate right next to each other.  Well, from game one the two groups hit it off and merged into one tailgate.  

James brought the structure and organization of the KOC (I use those terms very loosely) and KA brought the DJ, location, and beer pong.  The group began with KOC's $40 a year membership (which includes everything but your alcohol), tailgater of the week and year tradition (crown stickers on the inside of the trailer), member of the year trophy, tables, chairs, washer boards, cornhole boards, tents, trailer, and supplies. Krewe'd Awakening contributed with their location, beer pong tables, the 8 man funnel of death, their trailer, and of course the DJ (Big B).   

In 2015, another tailgate group (Port of Party Krewe) which had stepped back and was no longer a formal tailgate.  Tailgated right next to KOCKA Tailgating.  After becoming friends with everyone they too decided to join KOCKA Tailgating, elevating an already great tailgating experience even higher.  

After the 2015 season, due to rain and LSU closing the lots to the KOCKA Tailgating spot, the tailgate was moved just across the parking lot to where it currently resides. 

As of last season the group had close to 60 members.  The group has brought in traditions from all the previous tailgates and has even made a few new ones along the way.  The group has also adopted the slogan of Geaux Ugly Early.  This is saying was invented by James Roy as the tailgate likes to arrive before the sun comes up and geauxes full force all day until game time. 

Click the pictures below to find out more about the histories of these great krewes.

Past Season's Members

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