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Port of Party Krewe
(est ????-????)


founding members (James Roy, Jonathan Roy, and Marshall

Roy). The RPH, as it would be most commonly referred to,

operated on a few core principals.  One we were only a

thing for road games (Road), we always wore purple

(Purple), and lastly we had no real plan except to cause

chaos by being die hard fans (starting big group cheers,

partying with random tailgates, making signs, all without

causing a fight).  The RPH also kept track of the road games

/ tailgates you attended and a king was crowned.    

The Hooligans officially merged with the Krewe of Crown (or KOC) in 2004, becoming the KOC-RPH.  It was a natural fit as many KOC members would go to road games and at home the RPH members started tailgating with the KOC (as some of their family was a part of this krewe).  

The RPH took a backseat to the overall tailgate over the years, but in 2012 James Roy elected to revive it by forming what would be known as the RPH Tailgating Alliance. The concept was very similar except the KOC would be a part of the RPH Tailgating Alliance along with Krewe of them Dudes and eventually Krewe'd Awakening.  Now as very established tailgates but with dwindling numbers of members attending road games the RPHTA would concentrate on multiple tailgates teaming up on road games and partying together.  The number of road games tracker was still in effect.  This last only a few years officially but the alliances between the tailgates still exist.  

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