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KOCKA Tailgating


KOCKA Tailgating is one of LSU's great tailgating groups and strives to bring it's members and guests a wonderful tailgating atmosphere and experience every game.  The tailgate is primarily made up of members who contribute a membership donation which helps it run and pay for everything but your alcohol.  Everyone is welcome as you do not need to be a member to tailgate with us. 


There is plenty to do all day.  We have a TV, tents, chairs, a bunch of games (see activities page for more details), and we even have our own live DJ every home game. 

Located on the Old Front Nine parking lot you can usually find us by looking for our 40 foot flag pole bearing the American and LSU flags. We are out there before the sun comes up so come out and have a great time and ask about becoming a member. 

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