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Traditions & Sayings:

The traditions of KOCKA have come from a combination of the original groups and additionally some have come from the group since the merger.  

Geaux Ugly Early or #GeauxUglyEarly - a saying started by James Roy (KOCKA Director of Tailgating Affairs).  Its origins go back to a combination of a couple of things.  He was looking for a saying to replace Say we Didn't from the KOC.  Brian Roy another long time member was in the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M a long time ago and way part of the Thundering 13 their say was "Go Ugly Early".  Since LSU fans love to change go to Geaux and this was not a common use of the phrase he thought it fitting.  It represented the KOCKA's love for being there early and going hard (or geauxing ugly) all day. 

KOCKA Tailgater of the Week and Year & Member of the Year (all originated with the KOC)

KOCKA Beer Pong Champions of the World - a combination of an old KOC saying "Peach Bowl Champions of the World" and Krewe'd Awakenings love for beer pong.  A championship series was born complete with trophy. 

REDe - a tradition started long before Krewe'd Awakening or KOCKA Tailgating the traditional Red "e" written on your hand by the DJ "Big B". Signifies that you are ready to tailgate and that you are going to bring it all day. 

ESPN / Michael Buffer - "Let's Get Ready to Rumble" countdown for the 8 Man Funnel of time - When you hear this sound it's time for the 8 man funnel of death and contestants move towards the funnel to compete. 

If you are _______ you are wanted on the 8 man funnel of death - This saying is used by Big B to lure people in by calling out stuff people are wearing or doing and trying to get them to come to compete on the funnel. 

What's your name and where are you from? - If you pass out at the tailgate, Big B is coming to ask you. 

Setting up the tailgate before the sun comes up - although the KOC got out there early, Krewe'd's tradition was up at 4 am and go set up and so we are usually setting up at 5am.

The dead chair tradition - you have to go way back in KOC lore were it is written when a chair dies it must be placed in an elevated position so that the chair gods can come take it chair heaven. This tradition originally involved a telephone pole but has since been replace with a stately oak. 

Wooden Cricket - started by James Roy it was something he once heard someone describe someone level of intoxication.  "You are drunker den a wooden cricket" whatever that is.

Breadcrumbs - started by Charlie Bordelon... best described as something you just say and walk off... usually while someone is telling a story and gets off track. 


Already Ready Already - a saying started by Big B (Brannon Simar) long before his time with Krewe'd Awakening but has been adopted as a group saying. It represents the members readiness to get back out to the tailgate and party with all our friends and family. 

Damn Son... where'd you find this - It's really just a clip that Big B plays but when you hear something enough times you start to say it. lol.



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