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To become a member you can send money in one of two ways:

Paypal - (please click friends & family) 
Venmo - @kockatailgating

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KOCKA Mission Statement 

The mission of KOCKA Tailgating is to provide a kickass tailgate for its member and their friends.  We are open to anyone attending our tailgate.  The tailgate is for the people by the people as we rely on our tailgaters for support. The purpose of this is to not make the tailgate reliable on one person or the equipment owned by one person.  This eliminates the possibility of people leaving the KOCKA and crippling the tailgate because of their large contribution or equipment which the tailgate has become reliable on.

KOCKA Membership Status: 

Life Member - paid for some big ticket item that would be more than paying membership donations for more than 10 years or contributes in a way that is recognized by the membership of never having to pay membership again. (currently only 2 life members ever). 

Past Member - have not donated in this current calendar year.


Current Member - have donated $60 this calendar year.  Has all the current rights listed below.

New Member - A member that has less than 5 years in the krewe. Restricted from borrowing equipment in the off season.



To pay for the tailgating supplies and equipment.


To pay for the main meal, cold drinks, and water for the tailgate.


We do not run a corporate tailgate. Membership is collected to assist the tailgate in functioning. We do not want the burden of the tailgate to fall on any one individual.


Membership collectively owns all the tailgating equipment unless otherwise noted in the equipment list. 

Membership collectively owning the equipment is done so, so that when one person leaves the tailgate they don't take their equipment with them, leaving the tailgate without something at the last minute. 

$60 over the course of even a few games is so minor that just about anyone is okay with becoming a member for the monetary reasons. One person could easily spend $60 tailgating for one game with water, ice, food, etc. 

What do you get your Membership: 

Membership is voluntary and is not required to tailgate with our krewe. However, we do encourage tailgaters to become members as it helps the keep the tailgate successful and it will go away eventually without your support. 

Qualifies you to become a member of the year. 

Allows you to vote for Tailgater of the Week and Year, Member of the Year, and any other matters we vote on that season. 

The only other thing we ask of our members is to bring a snack food to one or two games. 

Can borrow the tailgating equipment in the off season for members with (5+ years with the tailgate) you are responsible for the equipment and its timely and safe return. 

The money helps us to keep up all the equipment, provide the main meal at every tailgate, purchase cold drinks, waters, and ice, have two TVs, and tents, as things break or we purchase new items for the tailgate. 


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