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Krewe'd Awakening
Tailgating (est 1999-2013)

In 1999, after college and post grad, a few of us moved back

into the Baton Rouge area and began tailgating together in

front of the LSU Natatorium.  It started as a small group of

friends and co-workers, with a couple of tents, a home stereo

sound system powered by a 12v boat battery, and a few car

flags.  Over the next couple of years our group grew as we

upgraded our equipment and added our first 20 foot flagpole

in 2001.  Pretty soon our following got larger as we became

more visible and we added several tall flagpoles, including a

16 foot tall Eye of the Tiger wind sail.  


   By the mid 2000’s, we knew we would have to relocate due to reserved parking restrictions, so we moved to the middle footbridge in the Old Front Nine.  There we joined forces with another group of LSU tailgating friends and in 2005 adopted the Krewe’d Awakening name.   We chose the name as a play on the phrase ‘Rude Awakening’.  We would regularly get set up in the pre-dawn hours, and by the time the first light of morning came, we were going full force with a much louder sound system provided by the first of our two deejays over the years. During this time we added a siren, which can be heard all over campus, our famous 8 man funnel of death, and a custom trailer to haul all of our equipment in.  


   Although most of our group was financed through donations from members, by the late 2000’s, we had acquired a few notable sponsorships that helped with 

 both supplies and finances.  One of our biggest sponsors was Old New Orleans Rum, who would bring cases of their spiced rum and make their famous Cajun Tea for all to enjoy during each home game.  


   Soon after this time, we had our latest deejay, Big B, take the reins, and upgrade the sound to a level most people only dream about.  With his influence, we took all the guesswork out of who was partying the hardest.  We also added multiple beer pong tables, cornhole games, tailgate golf, washers, and more.   It was around the early 2010’s when we discussed a merge with another legendary group, the Krewe of Crown, which would ultimately combine the best of 2 groups into one super-Krewe, KOCKA tailgating.   


   Anyone is invited to attend our parties. We openly invite all who pass by to join us for a good time, especially the out-of-towners from the opposing school, or just someone  looking to make their first LSU tailgate memory.  


   We have been seen on WBRZ-tv in Baton Rouge and on ESPN’s College Game Day, as we were the only tailgate group they allowed to setup next to their stage.  We have also been interviewed by reporters from The Wall Street Journal and Tailgater Magazine as well as producers from Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives and Mad Money with Jim Cramer.  We have also held some legendary tailgate parties at the LSU-Notre Dame Sugar Bowl and the LSU-Ohio State BCS Championship game, although those details are somewhat of a blur. 

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