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KOC Tailgating (est 2001-2013)

(Krewe of Crown)

Founded in 2001 out of the trunk of Daniel Piatkiewicz's car

near the Kirby Smith parking lot, the KOC was born.  KOC

standing for Krewe of Crown was derived, as seen in their

logo, from their love of Crown Royale (and the fact that the

crown bags are purple and gold doesn't hurt).

The krewe was formed by Glen Steady (KOC Pres), Daniel

Piatkiewicz (KOC VP), Devin Roy (Resident Pimp), Russell 

Driesse (Resident Asshole), and Scott Steady (Resident Jew). 

Over the next few years the krewe would band forces with

RPH Tailgating to form KOC-RPH Tailgating in 2004.  Also in 2004, Scott Roy would purchase the KOC-RPH trailer and speakers (still both used today), thus becoming a KOC lifetime member.  In 2006, Jonathan Roy became the 1st KOC Director of Tailgating Affairs as a lot of the original members moved out of town.  Brian Roy stepped up as the KOC Treasurer and the formation of the $40 per year for members was formed in 2006.  This gave the krewe more structure.  The krewe would eventually come under the direction of James Roy as the 2nd KOC Director of Tailgating Affairs and in 2014 KOC-RPH Tailgating would merge with Krewe'd Awakening and form KOCKA Tailgating. 

They formed a few traditions and sayings along the way. One in particular was the "Say we didn't" which was originally part of the heckling cheer "We Won, We Won... We Won, We Won... Say we didn't!!! WE DID!!!" 

The krewe also had a tradition of multiple people not all at the same time saying "Heyyyy" people would return to the tailgate spot after the game. It would get louder and louder. 

The group introduced awards to members in 2002 awarding Corey Guedry "Ju" the very first KOC Member of the year award.  In 2005, James Roy added an actual trophy to the mix for the award with name plates of the past winners. The trophy base is topped with a bottle of actual Crown Royale.  In 2004, Brian Roy started nominating tailgaters from the previous weeks tailgates for KOC Tailgater of the Week.  This would then be voted on by members and a winner would be declared. That winner would get their picture placed in the back of the trailer.  At the end of the season a custom Crown Royale sticker with the winner's name and game would go up in place of the picture and would stay forever. 



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